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Improvers Course - 6 weeks

6 x 1-hour sessions


Continue to develop the relationship with your dog through a course tailored to the teenage years. We will help you and your dog grow in confidence during what can be a more challenging and confusing time for them. We will encourage calmness, confidence and manners and recap and build on the essential skills of impulse control, recall, walking nicely on the lead, stay, as well as having some fun learning a few tricks. All training is done outdoors, best setting you and your dog up for success.

£80 for a 6-week course

Adult Course - 6 weeks

6 x 1-hour sessions

This course is for those dogs who already know basic obedience or for owners looking to develop their skills and their dog's or even to just have a bit of fun together whilst increasing the bond between dog and owner.

£80 for a 6-week course

Private Training Walk

1 hour session


A walk tailored to your individual dog needs, perhaps recall or loose lead walking.  All whilst walking through the stunning 400-acre parkland at Berkshire College of Agriculture. 

1-hour private walk - £25.  



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