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Improvers Course - 5 weeks

5 x 1-hour sessions


Continue to develop the relationship with your dog through a course tailored to the teenage years, but also suitable to other dogs who have already done some formal training. 


We will help you and your dog grow in confidence during what can be a more challenging and confusing time for them. We will encourage calmness, confidence and manners and recap and build on the essential skills of impulse control, recall, walking nicely on the lead, stay, as well as having some fun learning a few tricks.


All training is done outdoors, best setting you and your dog up for success.

Current class - Friday 27th Sept - 25th October, 10.45-11.45am FULL


Next class starts Friday 15th November - 13th December, 11.45am-12.45pm (£75)

Plus 4 week course Friday 29th November - 20th December, 9.30am-10.30am.  This is shortened 4 week course, due to Christmas (£60)

5 week course, £75

Class based at Berkshire College of Agriculture

Improvers II Course - 4 week block of sessions

4 x 1-hour sessions

4-week follow on Improver II course - suitable for anyone who has already attended the Improver course.


This 4 week course builds on previous skills taught in both puppy and improver classes but with increased distractions. We will also include pet gundog skills that are valuable for any dog to learn, such as calmness and steadiness; as well as continuing to develop the essential skills of a sharp recall and walking nicely both on and off the lead.


All training is done outdoors at Berkshire College of Agriculture, best setting you and your dog up for success. Classes will be kept deliberately small.


A block of 4 sessions is £65. Subsequent blocks of 4 weeks will be available as a continuation to this.

Current class Thursday 3rd - 24th October, 9.30am-10.30am

4 week course, £65

Class based at Berkshire College of Agriculture