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Online Puppy taster course - 4 weeks  

Our 4 week course of 40 minute sessions will help you and your puppy to grow in confidence and learn all you need for them to develop lifelong good manners.

Key topics will include - understanding your puppy behaviour, strategies to help with nipping and jumping; walking nicely on the lead and how to develop a strong recall. We will also demonstrate how these skills taught online can be transferred to the all important outside world.

Please contact for details on available dates. Sessions to be run through Zoom with up to 4 puppies per session. 

4 x 40 min sessions - £50

Online Puppy 1-1

60 min video call


Sometimes having a new puppy can feel quite daunting.  This 1 hour video call will support you to help build confidence and gain the skills you need to manage your puppy effectively at home.  The session is totally tailored to your needs but topics normally covered include: toilet training, crate training if required, nipping and jumping, building confidence in the puppy to be left alone, appropriate interaction with children and/or other pets.

60 minute session - £60

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