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Keeping warm!!

Now that winter is upon us, and as I spend A LOT of time outside, I thought I'd share my top tips in keeping warm!

Thermal fingerless gloves - you just can't beat them, they keep my hands nice and toasty but I can still unclip a lead, feed my dog a treat or use my phone without having to take them off!

Thermal socks – I used to always have cold feet but have the most wonderful pair of socks I was given to me as a gift - thermal and fleecy, I love them!

My Le Chameau wellies. Trust me, I've been through many a pair of wellies, but I absolutely love my Le Chameau's. Neoprene lined that keep your feet warm and unbelievably comfy and a good tread on the sole so you’re not slipping around on your dog walk. Yes, they are a bit more expensive than others but, in my opinion, they are worth every penny!

Handwarmers – There are loads on the market. I have a reusable one called a Fisherman’s Pocket that uses fuel sticks – friends swear by this on a day’s shooting. It certainly keeps my hands lovely and warm. I’m also coveting a rechargeable one, which doubles up as a charger for your phone!

What are your tips for keeping toasty?

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