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How to stop your friendly dog from bounding over to others

Lots of people report that their dogs are overly focused on other dogs when out and about and are more inclined to bound over to say hello, ignoring their darling human family in the process! And let’s be clear, not all dogs on the receiving end aren’t keen on this exuberant approach either.

Think about what behaviour you do want to encourage and really work on that. For me, eye contact is the key. The fact that your dog can look back at you, even if there’s another dog around takes time but is critical! This will mean working at a far greater distance from the other dogs initially whilst your dog builds up their resilience in the behaviour. My top tip here is to use distance wisely – start far away, reward the right behaviour, get the dog to understand what is required and then increase the proximity to the distractions...gradually!

For more tips and advice on how to increase your dog’s focus and attention back to you, please do get in touch.


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