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Consultations and Bespoke Training


Are you having trouble with your dog?  Do they pull on the lead? Is recall proving difficult? Do they bark excessively or have any other behaviour problem? 


Pippa is well equipped to deal with any issue in a safe and gentle manner. During the session, Pippa will assess your dog's behaviour, recommend strategies and begin training.


After the 1-1 session, you will receive a follow-up report and individual training programme.

1 x 1 hour consultation - £65

4 x 1 hour training sessions - £200


Sessions take place at your home or a mutually agreed location.


If you live out of our 5 mile catchment area from SL6 6QR, travel fees may apply.


Training Dog Walks (without owner present)


Concerned not to undo all the hard work in your training? During a course of training 1-1s, Pippa can offer individual training walks whereby she will collect your dog and take them for an hour's walk alone to reinforce behaviours taught in the 1-1 sessions.  Ensuring the learning is continued and enhanced!


1 x 1 hour walk - £35


Puppy One on One Lessons


If you are unable to commit to regular weekly lessons, this may be a better option for you to ensure you start your training and for your puppy to learn the essential skills.  Lessons last an hour and can be taken at BCA, at home, or in walks around other dogs, or a combination.


1 x 1 hour lesson - £65.  Packages available on request.



Consultations by Skype


Are you having a hard time finding a trainer in your area, or keen to work with us but you live out of our area. If so, a Skype consultation maybe the solution.


Pippa is well-equipped to help you with any issue or question whether house training with your puppy, to more developed issues such as poor recall. The Skype sessions will focus on your goals. Pippa will coach you on how to make a positive change in your dog's behaviour.  


After each Skype session, you will receive an email summarising the assessment and associated training plan for you to follow. Pippa will guide and support you through the process, and be available to answer any questions you have along the way.  


1 x 1 hour Skype session - £30

Packages available on request.