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Introducing your new puppy to your older dog

This is a hot and current topic in our family as this week my mother welcomes home a new Spinone puppy!

Mum already has two older dogs – Ludo who is likely to be very happy with his new playmate and Rolo, who is likely to be much less keen! We've discussed tips to help with this new addition to the family, and I thought it might be helpful to share some of them here.

Remember most dogs won’t initially welcome a new younger pup with open arms like you see in videos shared on social media; a little reticence is very normal!

My top tips:

1. Do scent swaps if you can – bring home something that smells of your puppy for your older dog to smell in their own time.

2. Have a neutral introduction in the garden – far less stressful than in an enclosed and smaller indoor space.

3. Manage interactions – don’t let the puppy continually pester their older brother or sister but keep relaxed yourself. Observe both dogs’ body language and intervene when needed.

4. Play with your older dog, as much as your puppy. It’s very easy to lose time with the wonderful time wasters that puppies are! Even better go in the garden with a family member and each of you play or train with each dog separately.

If you would like help with introducing your new puppy to your existing dog or pets, please do get in touch to book a home visit.


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